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Journée Lenormand: Uma entrevista com Pepi Vauderrama.

Pessoal, enfim, o dia chegou. Journée Lenormand, o dia do Baralho Lenormand. Melhor dizendo, dia da Família Lenormand - família de baralhos, família de cartomantes.
Eu consegui, nada mais, nada menos, que uma entrevista com a fantástica cartomantier ("fazedora" de baralhos, se preferir :) ) Pepi Valderrama, amor em forma de gente, cartomante em forma de gente, gente em forma de gente. Batemos um papo sobre Cartomancia, Lenormand (carinhosamente chamada de Lennie), criação de baralhos e coisas assim. O resultado vocês veem abaixo, em inglês. 

Cavaleiro, do mais novo baralho da Pepi Vauderrama,
Whimsy Lenormand <3 i="">

1. How did you meet Lenormand? Have you ever read cards before?
I met the Lennies in Tokyo. I was intrigued by a tiny deck that I found, and I finally got it. It was a Jeu Lenormand. I had no idea about the Lenormand, and all the oracles I had had till then were bigger. So, for me it was like finding a great treasure.
Yes. I read Tarot.

2. You read others besides the Lenormand decks?
I am fond of oracles. So, any oracle I might get fond of, I will read it. This includes Kippers, Sybillas, and other type of Oracles (including Japanese ones). It depends on my mood basically. Sometimes I like more Tarot, others Kippers, others I'm just on the Lennies, and others I want something totally different. There is no logical pattern on wanting to choose one over another, really. It just flows.

3. How did the idea of creating inspired Lenormand decks?
I like creating cute things. I've always doodling, and I guess it was just a matter of time that I would create a deck. I started with something just for me. I created Alice in Wonderland Vintage Lenormand just for me, and it took me a lot of time. But it was my baby. Now, I want to do something different, that's why I'm drawing my next Lenormand.

4. How does your creative process? You have the idea and looking images, or find images randomly and makes sense to them?
It takes me a lot of time. I first have the idea. If I choose collage, I need to find images that match the idea into my head. I don't go randomly. Depending on the complexity of the design that I thought for each card, I will need more time to find the suitable images.
Now that I'm drawing the cards, the system is a little bit different. I get an idea in my mind, and I reproduce it on paper. This also takes time.

5. What would you advise someone who was beginning to read cards?
Not to get too nervous about different schools or systems. Just take one that you like and start there. The rest, your style, your preferences, will come little by little as you read more and more. Don't rush. Take your time.

6. Do you believe in fate? How Cartomancy can help a person?
I think fate is a guidance that we put onto ourselves before deciding to come here in this world. This means, that we already know what's going on. We are just not aware of it. Cartomancy helps making us aware of that. Thus, reading can help us when we are stuck and we don't know what to do.
A Deusa, carta extra

Ela não é uma fofura de pessoa?
Celebremos, queridos e queridas que carteiam com seus baralhos nesse dia.
Felicidades a nós que não paramos por nada!

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